DIY: Easy Peasy Product Photography



This photo took 3 min, to set up and shoot, and cost about $1.00  so now you have no excuses.  I learned this simple technique for product photography in college, we had to take photos of all of our ceramic pieces, and now I’m going to teach you.




1.  Get a piece of poster board the color of your choosing.  Use the matte side, not the shiny.  Set it up so there is a curve, not a fold.  This one is resting on my open computer and stabilized with my spiral.

2.  Use indirect light, see how it’s in the shadow of my living room, but facing the window.  Direct light will washout your product.

3.  I used my iphone for these photos.  Gently tap around the screen until you get to its brightest point.



Above is the same technique, but directly on the carpet.


I used card holders to display the jewelry in the last two photos, but here is the fastest cheapest version.  This photo uses the same lighting as the others.  The jewelry is on my crafting table and camera directly over.

Let me know if this helps you out and which technique you use.

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