5 Tips to a Great Business Profile Picture

Quick quiz, which facial expression do you think is the best out of the photos below, and which do you think is most appropriate?  Remember this is based on facial expression and position, not hair:)

Blog 2 Blog Blog3 Niight Profile Hair Down

Before I give you the answer, my clue is that 2 of them are right…..

From left to right the answer is 2 and 4.  Are you confused?  Let me explain.

1. Starting with number 1, this is a business profile pic. not a fashion show.  A lot of people get intimidated from taking photos because they’re trying to look sexy, but really a business profile is to let people know what you look like and what you represent.

2.  Staying with photo 1, the lips are smirking (one end of the mouth higher than the other).  Even though in our culture we take this as cute or sexy, it actually sends a subconscious symbol of contempt to the viewer of the photo.

3.Photo number 2 is one of the answers.  Even though this photo looks boring or direct a plain face can be a great photo for people with a more serious job, but rarely should anyone have an angry face, maybe if your a wrestler or the like. (I personally would still rather higher someone with a little bit more personality in their photo.)

4. Photo 3 is another misnomer, people can’t tell completely what you look like and it’s like your not paying attention to potential customers.  I agree that I like the look of it, but maybe it should be used somewhere else on your website.

5. Photo 4 was also a winner, you can clearly tell what the person looks like, and a warm expression.

These were just some basic does and don’ts.  There is a wide range between photo 2 and photo 4, plus leave room to express you and your business.  Remember your profile picture is often where people get their first impression of you, what does your profile pic tell them?

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