New Creative Portraits Available


For most of my life I have been interested in fine art and composite photography, but not really knowing what it was when I was looking at it, and having no way of creating it.  Through out my life I had so many chances of learning photo shop in high school and college and really resisting it, not realizing that photo shop was the tool box I needed to create the amazing pieces that took me to another land, and blew my mind.  I have gotten a lot of creative passion from Brooke Shaden’s works, talks and convention to actually start creating pieces.  Well here is to divine timing, although it has taken me so long to finally start creating Creative Portraits and Fine Art Photography hopefully now is the perfect time. Don’t worry I am still doing Yoga Portraits as well, because I love that too.

What can you do with your own personal creative portrait?

  • Book Covers
  • Creative Photo Campaigns
  • A Beautiful Photo of you for your Wall
  • And more:)
  • Full Creative Portrait Portfolio click here

Don’t miss out, I am most active on Social Media on Instagram @earthmedicinewoman

Facebook: Everything Yoga

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