What’s the Weirdest Place you’ve Ever Done Yoga: Win a Free Photo Shoot


Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was a wanderer.  I traveled around and went where life took me.  It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes very stressful. After arriving at a bus station, I changed my plans suddenly and ended up spending the night at the station,  waiting for the next bus  going where I was headed.  I was very into the “yogic” life at the time asana, mantra and malas.  I had decided that I wasn’t going to sleep, since I was at a bus station and after the about 10 other people had settled in for the night, I went into the women’s bathroom, with my yoga mat and did my asana practice.  Whatever your reaction is right now, it was surprisingly pleasant in there.  I threw away my mat though, at the time it was a cheap $10 mat I had picked up somewhere after forgetting a nicer one somewhere on my travels.

So now I ask you, where is the weirdest place you have ever done your asana practice?  Let me know on any of my social media platforms.  One lucky winner will receive a free yoga photo shoot.  Bonus Points if you share a little story about it , and or have a photo of it. 

Contest runs: February 8 -February 15 2017

Winner will be chosen by me

Winner must live or be able to commute to the Longmont/Boulder area

Once the winner is chosen, must claim prize by February 28, 2017


Photo by Niight Wind, Yoga Teacher Shauna Hylenski


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