Top 5 Photo Editing Apps on my Phone


I get a lot of people asking me what photo apps I use on my Instagram photos, so here are the top 5.

Made with Repix (

Repix (free version) is where I get my obvious sparkles as well as use the smudge and charcoal brush to smudge out little imperfections in the photo.  The picture above has a Tadaa filter and sparkles are from Repix.  The paid Repix also allows you to do stars, and birds and light trails and all sorts of other cool affects if you are ok, with non realistic, blinged up photos.


Pic Lab (I use the paid version, but it’s only around 2 dollars)  It changed a year ago or so. Some of the overlays lay weird if you crop in the app, but if you crop before, they are awesome.  Pictured above on left is an overlay from Pic Lab, play with the options to get the effect you want.  Photo on the right is a Tadaa background and the arrows and text are from Pic Lab, the photo above isn’t super clear text, but  the original is.


Tadaa (free version) this is actually my favorite app for filters, they’re awesome and you cant find them anywhere else.  Here is one pictured above.

Square Ready (free version) so I don’t have a screen shot of this, and Facebook is trying to make it obsolete, but Square Ready allows you to fit any shape photo into a square crop with the border color of your choice if the photo doesn’t fit the screen.


Layout (free version) this app allows you to put multiple photos in a sequence or collage, as well as create a mirror affect as shown above.







Instagram (free version) Instagram has free filters to make it really easy to keep your photos cohesive, but the picture above is edited using the free editing buttons, so you can tweak colors and shadow and more.  You can always play with the buttons and cancel a change if you don’t like it.

Bonus** Pic Monkey App (free version) the same computer editor made into an app with easy filters.  I honestly don’t use the app that much, but if you like the soft or color layer filters then this is the app for you.

So play around, have fun and make awesome, creative photos!

You can follow me on Instagram at @earthmedicinewomam


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