Stellar Yoga Selfies with out Buying a Thing

So you wanna be part of the Instagram rage of yoga selfies, and it isn’t as easy as it looks. Maybe you’ve been taking your own yoga photos for a while and you wanna make them better, here are 5 simple tips to help you do just that.


Photos Inside-  I know most Instagram photos are taken outside, or in a yoga studio, but if you’re new to taking photos of yourself, inside is your best bet. Take it from me as soon as you step outside it feels like everyone’s watching and if you are insecure about it, that does not bode well for good photos.  The more comfortable you feel the better your photos will turn out.

Lighting-  The best lighting for inside is diffused natural light which means, indirect sunlight. (If this doesn’t make sense to you just think of the part of your house that has glowing light.)In the yellow photo below the light source is a window to the left.  The sun is just above the window frame, so its bright inside but not causing harsh shadows.  For this type of light you want to face the areas you want lit toward the light.  In the pink photo the light source is straight on.  If this light, doesn’t seem to exist in your house, pick the area that you can make the most bright with unnatural light (not your bathroom :))  Then brighten it up afterward in Instagram if you couldn’t get the brightness you were looking for  in camera.


Clean Background- Since you are shooting inside, you want to make sure you have a clean or empty background.  You’ve found the place in your house with the best light, now either move furniture and completely give yourself  a clean wall area, like a yoga studio would look, or make sure the area is clean, for example clean couch with organized pillows and a lamp as your background, not children’s toys strewn about a shoe half out of frame and a ratty blanket falling off the couch and( because it’s a photo you can just simply push all these things out of frame:))

Video Screen Shots-  A video screen shoot is when you take a video of you doing your yoga pose and then pick the best frame.  Set you camera on the floor vertically, about 15 feet away from your yoga mat.  Look at the screen and try to find visual cues that your full yoga mat and height will be in the frame.  Push record, you can do the yoga pose/s of your choice and try different variations.  Stop record.   Go to your video and push play, then pause, scroll through the video until you find a frame you like. To collect the freeze frame click the home button circle followed quickly by the off/on button.  Your freeze frame is now in your photo gallery.  The nice thing about using video frames is that the video lens on the iPhone is more pleasing than the camers is for full body shots. 

Practice-  The tips above will help your photos fast, but the more you practice taking photos of yourself the easier it will get.

If you are looking for editing advice for Instagram click here for my blog post all about the best photo editing apps.

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