Three Photos Every Yoga Teacher Needs on Their Website

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You’re a yoga teacher, so you probably have photos of you doing yoga, but what website photos will take your potential yoga students, and make them come to your class.  There are three photos every yoga teacher should have on their website, and I’m going to show you what they are.

The First Photo is You-  A good profile picture or photo that is clearly you.  Keeping profile pictures current enough that potential students would be able to recognize you if they saw you in the grocery store.   Remember as a small business owner, you are your brand.  The only thing that separates you from the other yoga teachers is you being you and teaching the way you teach.  So if you don’t have a photo of you on your site, your missing out on potential students.


The Second Photo is your Location- People feel more comfortable if they know where they’re going, especially if your not teaching in a Studio or Gym.  A photo of the inside, preferably with people in it really helps, so people know other people are going to be there too. I would also recommend a photo of the outside, so that people can think to themselves, I’ve driven by there, it’s right on my way to work, ext.


The Third Photo is You Teaching/Assisting/Showing Something that makes your class different-  Weather your a Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist or Yoga Therapist this is the photo that is going to help put your potential students and clients at ease so they know what they’re getting themselves into.


Do you have all three of these photos on your site?  If not, click here to set up a phone consultation today!

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