What to Wear to a Yoga Photo Shoot?

The most basic advice I can give on answering the question what should you wear to a yoga photo shoot is:

Wear clean, comfortable clothes that represent who you are as a yoga teacher, because being comfortable is going to improve your photos %100.  If this advice isn’t a enough, read on.


Solid colors are usually recommended, but if you wear prints in your classroom, go for it, and now a days everyone’s breaking the artistic rules.  There are people wearing prints on the cover of yoga journal, but I would recommend if you plan on wearing a print don’t take your photos in a place with a busy back ground.

I recommend not wearing black and especially not both pieces if you are taking photos outside, it can make you blend in or become a blob.

Wear two different colors for top and bottom.  Remember dark colors make you look smaller, so if you’re trying to shrink something wear a darker color on that part of your body.


Which colors to wear?

Decide if you want to be in the same color pallet as shown on the left (Warm colors: orange, yellow, red Cool colors: Purple, Blue, Green.) Warm colors are traditionally warn in the Sumer and Fall.  Cool colors are traditionally worn in the Winter and Spring.  You can look at a color wheel if this doesn’t make sense.

You can match the setting like the picture on the right.

You may also want to wear your business colors, if you have them.

Or choose to completely stand out, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

lions breath


Tight vs. Flowy Clothes

You will commonly see people wearing more fitted yoga clothes for asana photos, because it helps show your form.

Flowy clothes are great for showing movement, and are usually used in a little bit more of the artsy side of yoga photos as seen below.

DSC_0062-2crescent lunge yoga

But don’t let all these choices stress you out.   Pic out a couple outfits before the actual photo shoot and do your own practice run.  Use your video recorder on your phone and test out some poses in the outfits.  Be authentic, clean and comfortable and your photos will look great!

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