Create your own Stock Photography

overlay newA lot of businesses use stock photography, especially big businesses.  But most yoga businesses are small and local businesses, that will benefit more from photos of there actual business.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own by working with a photographer, using you, your studio and the other teachers.  Not only will having more personal stock photos help attract clients, but will also give you filler photos to use that you will have legal rights over. This means that instead of pulling random photos off the internet, that if used improperly or with out permission could get you some big fines.

Some characteristics of stock photos are faces not showing, person too far away to see and certain details accented over others.  Here are some examples.


prayer hands

feet 2

Book a Photo Session click here.

Yoga silhouette

Shri Studios Longmont

Christi Warrior 3

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