2017 Photography Overview

skandasana 1

Wow!  I can not believe how much has happened in 2017.  I got to go to New York for the first time to attend Brooke Shaden’s  Promoting Passion 2017 Conference.  I got to meet so many amazing photographers (presenters and attendees) and go to their workshops.  The conference is always so inspiring, it does have  focus toward fine art photography, but I infuse what I learn in my yoga photos to make them stand out.


hollywood sky

Niagra Skyline


forest glow crop

Buffalo NY Forest at Conference




Finished Photo from Conference


2017 allowed me to work with a lot of amazing people, doing photo shoots all over Northern Colorado.  It never ceases to amaze me the things I learn and the stories I hear when I take photos of people, whether I know them or have never met them before.  It is so much fun, being outside in nature, taking photos that capture the real person.

Yoga silhouette

paddle crescent

Business of Yoga Photo

I am grateful to the people who have encouraged me to make  break through in my style and embrace the sparkle and colors that I am so drawn to.  This year I did a lot of experimental shoots and it has been so fun!  I am grateful for the happy client feedback I have gotten when we try something new at the end of a shoot, after we made sure to get all the other photos we were going for.

Christi Warrior 3


I feel going into 2018 I have gotten a lot more clear on my future vision as a photographer and where I want the business to go, which makes me very happy and frees me up to be able to put even more attention and magic into these goals.  I will be sharing more in detail about this in a  later post but, I’ve already kept you here long enough:)

If you would like to be apart of my 2018 photos, click here to book an appointment or ask a question. Prices and Frequently asked Questions.

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