Flyers that Fill a Workshop

**Note**The flyer below is a mock up I made, so this workshop does not exist.  When I talk about this flyer, I’m describing a flyer that would be put up in a coffee shop/yoga studio type place.  If you are using your flyer digitally you would have a lot  more options of explaining more and having your flyer digitally link up, but you will still want to have all the information talked about below.   I also highly recommend anything you put up digitally that you also add city and state, because your flyer might end up far away in the ethers.  This post is not a guarantee, but will help:)


a. Keep your title simple and descriptive.  You can use alliteration (using the same first letter of a word multiple times.)  Remember that the more specific a word can either include or disclude a group of potential students.  Like using the word Anahata or Heart Chakra or Heart Opening or Self Love.

b. Try to make your photo as clear, clean, professional descriptive as possible, because it may be the first and only thing people look at on your flyer.   Out of the three photos below what do you think the descriptive photo for a restorative yoga flyer would be?  They’re all “ok” but one is more descriptive than the others and if you were interested in restorative yoga, you would be more prone (no pun intended) to take a second glance.

Getting a high quality photo for your workshop, instantly makes people think your workshop is higher quality.  If you do the workshop a lot I would definitely invest in a higher quality image, because it can be used on the flyer, social media and newsletters.

c. Since this flyer is going in a coffee shop type place, don’t use paragraphs of texts that are too small for people to read and the average person doesn’t want to read that much even in their inbox.  Stick to three main things that people are going to learn or find interesting at your workshop.  Make sure to leave your website, so people can contact you and they can look at more detailed information.

d.  Basic Info.  do not forget these!!!!

Full Location: Studio/Building Name, number address, city

Time: Start and End

Day: Day of the Week (Tuesday) Calendar Day (17th) Month (January)

Price and any specific details that go with that: $35 (goes up on a day, must pay ahead of time, price change at door, will be canceled if not a certain amount of people, must pay in cash ext. )

e. Professional headshot that is clearly, presently, recognizably you.  Your qualifications relevant to workshop.  2-3 sentence bio.  This part is just to let people know who’s teaching.  They can go to your website to get more info about you.  Bonus tip, when both your hands are in your photo, people subconsciously trust you more.

Ok you’ve read all this, made an amazing flyer and  told the entire city.  Have a great workshop!

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