7 Simple Ways to be More Photogenic in Photos

I feel like most people  want to look as good as possible in photos whether professionally or in selfies.  Even the most well known movie stars hit their angles on the red carpet.  So here are some tips for getting the most flattering shots and conveying the right message for your business.poses

1. Avoid Camera Distortion-  I have no idea how selfies became so popular, because they are so distorting to your features.  On iPhone the video lens is different than the camera lens and less distorting.  Instead of the regular selfie, find a flat surface to prop your phone on and record yourself.  Pose slowly so you can capture a screen grab.  (Professional photographers have specific lenses for different size photos to avoid distortion.)

2. Avoid tight headshots- if you are self conscious of your face,  always get at least your upper torso in the shot, so that you can’t see every little detail.  (Professional photographers can edit out skin imperfections like acne, and direct you into more flattering angles.)  Create length in the body and space between the extremities, like the commonly used hand on the hip.


3.Do something – don’t just stand there, for full body shots (this helps you look more natural and focus less on the person taking your photo).  Yogis have it easy, you can do a yoga pose.  Sitting down is often more comfortable on the ground or in a chair.  (Professional Photographers should have a slew of poses to direct you into.)

4.Practice your angles–  Have you ever noticed movie stars on the red carpet striking a pose or sitting a particular way when they give an interview?  They are coached in how to make themselves look good and they practice it.  I had a client that was amazing at smiling naturally on command and I complimented her on it, she said she had wanted good wedding photos and had practiced a lot.  You can practice too.  Smiling and angles in the mirror and record yourself on the phone.



5. Pick an intention- There are 3 common intentions that weather or not they are aware people make.  Happy=big smile. Sexy =duck lips and smize.  I give up =people who make  a weird face or just seem not to care because they think they aren’t photogenic (I have been guilty of this, until I started practicing.   I direct other people well, now I direct myself.)

This is especially helpful for business photos, if you are your own brand I’m assuming you’re probably going for an intention something along the lines of happy, warm, assertive trust worthy.  Focus more on making your intention come across in your photos than being nit picky about yourself. Click here from post I did about using body language in your photos.

6. Focus on the positive- Have you ever heard the zen expression where the mind goes the energy flows?  It works, instead of thinking about your flaws think about the positive areas of your body you like.  It will trick your brain into thinking more positively about yourself.

joy finished

7. Wear colors that make you look good -and clean clothes that you feel comfortable in.  The better you think you look and the more comfortable you are the easier that will be to come across in camera.  (Side note if you want to look like people who have great hair and makeup, go get your hair and make up done before the shoot, I know this sounds simple, but it’s true. Don’t forget your jewelry, this one thing I personally forget and can make a big difference for headshots.)

8. What makes you feel good?- Do something you like before the shoot to boost your confidence and happy attitude.

9. Smize- Smiling with your eyes as Tyra Banks says.  But it’s true, when you get those laugh wrinkles on the sides of  your eyes crinkled up, that’s how people know your actually happy.  It is one of the easiest ways to know if someone is faking a smile.


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