Finding Movement, Yoga Photo Shoot with: Taylor Trimarco

Wow!  We took a lot of shots in this beautiful location in Loveland that I had found about a month earlier.  Taylor is very bendy and I got some photos of advanced asanas I had never seen in person, as well as some hoop shots.  The fall foliage was perfect even though the beginning of the shoot was pretty chilly.  You can find out more about Taylors classes and workshops on Facebook.

skandasana 1

natarajasana 22


Prenatal Yoga Photo Session with Janine Mason

This was the first prenatal yoga photo shoot I’ve done and it was really fun, especially since I had worked with Janine before and she was willing to push the creative boundaries.  The photos were meant to be  more of a stock photo vibe to use for advertising her prenatal yoga classes and workshops at Rooted in Love Doula .  The early sunsets made it a little bit of  a challenge to find sunshine, but these turned out great.

2 hands.jpg



What to Wear to a Yoga Photo Shoot?

The most basic advice I can give on answering the question what should you wear to a yoga photo shoot is:

Wear clean, comfortable clothes that represent who you are as a yoga teacher, because being comfortable is going to improve your photos %100.  If this advice isn’t a enough, read on.


Solid colors are usually recommended, but if you wear prints in your classroom, go for it, and now a days everyone’s breaking the artistic rules.  There are people wearing prints on the cover of yoga journal, but I would recommend if you plan on wearing a print don’t take your photos in a place with a busy back ground.

I recommend not wearing black and especially not both pieces if you are taking photos outside, it can make you blend in or become a blob.

Wear two different colors for top and bottom.  Remember dark colors make you look smaller, so if you’re trying to shrink something wear a darker color on that part of your body.


Which colors to wear?

Decide if you want to be in the same color pallet as shown on the left (Warm colors: orange, yellow, red Cool colors: Purple, Blue, Green.) Warm colors are traditionally warn in the Sumer and Fall.  Cool colors are traditionally worn in the Winter and Spring.  You can look at a color wheel if this doesn’t make sense.

You can match the setting like the picture on the right.

You may also want to wear your business colors, if you have them.

Or choose to completely stand out, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

lions breath


Tight vs. Flowy Clothes

You will commonly see people wearing more fitted yoga clothes for asana photos, because it helps show your form.

Flowy clothes are great for showing movement, and are usually used in a little bit more of the artsy side of yoga photos as seen below.

DSC_0062-2crescent lunge yoga

But don’t let all these choices stress you out.   Pic out a couple outfits before the actual photo shoot and do your own practice run.  Use your video recorder on your phone and test out some poses in the outfits.  Be authentic, clean and comfortable and your photos will look great!

Paddle Board Yoga Colorado, Photo Shoot with Emily Wilson

down dog

Always fun holding true to the name, Everything Yoga Photo. This was my first paddle board yoga shoot and it was super fun, next time I’ll do the shoot in a place where I can get in the water and get more shots.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with directing, but Emily knows her way around a paddle board and could do anything I asked.

paddle crescent

We got lucky with these amazing clouds and had such a fun shoot!  You can find out more about Emily Wilson’s Yoga on Instagram at @esyogahouse.


Playing with the Sun, Yoga Photo Shoot


This experimental photo shoot was so much fun and it was only a couple days before the Summer Solstice, a perfect time to play with the sun.  I am so lucky to have my go to model Brittni Dennison who is a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, and Yogi to take photos of.


This amazing light is captured about 30 min. before and through sunset.  Time of day is huge in getting the photo you want when it comes to outdoor photography.


I am currently booking for August, click here to set up your 15 min. phone consult.



The Business of Yoga Photo Shoot with Allison Rissel

This was such a fun shoot, I love being able to use creativity and personality.  We did the shoot at my new indoor location studio, Shri Studios.  And I got to use my new indoor light which I was very happy with.  Allison made this shoot super easy with that big smile.  Allison Rissel is a Yoga Teacher and YTT, you can find out more about her at Allison Rissel Training, and Facebook.


Since these photos are for an advertising campaign we left blank spaces on the computer, chart and walls, that can be filled in with text later.




Three Photos Every Yoga Teacher Needs on Their Website

blog photowebsite.jpg

Your a yoga teacher, so you probably have photos of you doing yoga, but what website photos will take your potential yoga students, and make them come to your class.  There are three photos every yoga teacher should have on their website, and I’m going to show you what they are.

The First Photo is You-  A good profile picture or photo that is clearly you.  Keeping profile pictures current enough that potential students would be able to recognize you if they saw you in the grocery store.   Remember as a small business owner, you are your brand.  The only thing that separates you from the other yoga teachers is you being you and teaching the way you teach.  So if you don’t have a photo of you on your site, your missing out on potential students.


The Second Photo is your Location- People feel more comfortable if they know where they’re going, especially if your not teaching in a Studio or Gym.  A photo of the inside, preferably with people in it really helps, so people know other people are going to be there too. I would also recommend a photo of the outside, so that people can think to themselves, I’ve driven by there, it’s right on my way to work, ext.


The Third Photo is You Teaching/Assisting/Showing Something that makes your class different-  Weather your a Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist or Yoga Therapist this is the photo that is going to help put your potential students and clients at ease so they know what they’re getting themselves into.


Do you have all three of these photos on your site?  If not, click here to set up a phone consultation today!