Niight Wind

IMG_4335Hi, I’m Niight and I love helping yoga teachers share who they are and stand out from the crowd.  As a 500 RYT myself I understand how much you want to teach, and that it always feels better with a packed class.  But an empty class doesn’t mean you’re not a good teacher, it just means you haven’t gotten the word out to enough people or they don’t understand why your the teacher for them.

But don’t worry, I am an easy to work with photographer who understands the lingo and  the alignment of the yoga world. I will help you share who you are, and what you do, so you don’t have to compete with other yoga teachers, instead draw in the ideal students you want to teach, and who want to come to your classes and workshops.

“I have had multiple sessions with Niight and I love my pictures! It was nice to have someone with a photographer’s eye AND knowledge of yoga alignment– her expertise made all the difference in my sessions.” -Jordan Metzler

I try to do as much of the photography in camera as possible.  That means I find the most IMG_1101slimming angle, so you don’t have to think about it.  I also love being creative, that can mean creating beautiful shots based on composition or adding movement and eye catching props, that help share who you are to keep your potential students on the page.

I started taking photos when I was six, I can remember it clearly. It was a pastel yellow plastic click camera. My dad bought it for me to take pictures on our vacation to California. The one picture I remember the most is a picture of the palm trees half bent over with dark skies behind the ocean on the beach.
I was lucky enough to have a high school with a darkroom and learn the old school ways of photos the year before they switched over to digital photography. I didn’t switch over to digital photography until I was 20 going to school in Australia and I had left my camera at home.

While getting my BFA at UW Platteville, I was constantly behind the camera catching the beauty of the situation and I loved it. When it came to getting photos of me I felt they were always posed and fake. It was only the candid, natural shots that I liked.
When I started working for myself as a Yoga & Wellness Coach, I knew I was going to have to be in the pictures, and learn how to produce pictures that showed my true essence Now I offer photo shoots for other small business and yogipreneurs. I think it’s time for you to radiate the real you!

Book a Photo Session click here.


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