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Welcome to  I’m Niight and I love helping yoga teachers share who they are, and stand out from the crowd.  As a 500 RYT myself I understand how much you want to teach, and that it always feels better with a packed class.  But an empty class doesn’t mean you’re not a good teacher, it just means you haven’t gotten the word out to enough people or they don’t understand why your the teacher for them.

If you’re new to getting your photo taken, don’t worry you don’t have to be  a supermodel.  This is all about you being your brand and getting the word (Photo) out to your potential students.

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Professional Photos make you look  professional. 

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Places you can use your photos:


Social Media

Blog Posts


Workshop Flyers

Teacher Training Manuals

You don’t need a million photos, you can use the same ones multiple times.  They don’t just play a commercial one time, they play it over and over and over.

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Here are some blog posts I’ve chosen just for you to help you get started:

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